August 2, 2013

My first pennant card...

 Last Monday, my baby sister left to go into the Marines, so I've been trying to make new and different cards for you, and really pretty "pick me up" cards for her. Not at all that she would be depressed, but I know all too well how good it feels when they call your name for mail call (I was in the Army for 5 years and remember well the buzz that mail call created in Basic Training). And I also want her to get really pretty things, something bright and cheery on those not-so-great days. 

So I tried something new to me and tried a pennant card (or bunting card) with a color I haven't used to much ... Crisp Cantaloupe. You'll see this color over the next few posts since I'm trying to get into it. Originally, it was just NOT a color I was excited about, but now that I'm using it a bit more, it's growing on me.

So for the pennants I used Hearts a Flutter stamps and Framelits, but didn't use the "matching" ones. I found that if you match it up just right you can mix them like I did here. The magnetic platform really helped me with lining these up. (Sadly, these are on an order hold due to the overwhelming popularity, but I'll be sure to let you know when you can order yours as soon as I find out!!) 
I also added a Strawberry Slush flower from our Flower Shop set in the corner to fill it out a little bit.

Have you tried a pennant card yet? Leave me a link so we can all see!

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